When it comes to fashion, white is always the safest way to go. Summer is here and that means cold lemonade, beach and a tan. There is no better season to wear white! White hardly ever looks good on very pale skin, at least when I attempt to go out in all white I look like a ghost. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m sure it can, but in the summer, a time of fun and enjoyment, there is no better colour to wear than white. White is both light and fresh but can too be chick. There are so many ways to pull off white and I recommend you try being creative. For a hot day around town, I might wear a short and light dress paired with a few poppy accessorises and colourful flats. For a special and formal dinner I might wear a long, sleek dress with gold or silver accessories and a pair of prim heals. If you’re a person who loves and always does a great job pulling off white, I’m jealous and keep it up, but for those who have their white clothing getting dusty in the back of their closet, I recommend you give it a try. With summer already here, there is not better time for white.

A person who has pulled off how to dress in white astonishingly is Blake Lively. I absolutely thought she looked remarkable in her Gucci dress she wore at the Chime for Change event in 2013. Chime for Change is a worldwide campaign that focus on raising awareness, as well as fund raising to promote education, health and justice for girls and women(visit their website here). The long and loose sleeves on her dress made her look smart, and the white colour brought out her tanned and glowing skin. The combination of both the bottom and top of the dress were perfect. She also added colour by the Lorraine Schwartz bracelets on her left arm, the big ring on her right hand, large earrings and hot pink Christian Louboutin heals. May I just say that no one can pull off a messy hair due as well as Blake Lively. Blake Lively’s different but amazingly designed dress, with her colorful accessories was perfect for the event and in my opinion, stole the show.

Yours Truly,

Anna Niederlander


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