Upgrade to Plaid

Plaid shirts are not only comfortable, but as well stylish. They can be worn as casual looks for a day out in the mall, or as formal looks based on the accessories and shoes. At this moment, plaid is getting very popular in the fashion world, especially used by designers like Tommy Hilfiger. Plaid shirts in general first caught my eyes when I say them worn by men. After a while, woman too started to rock the plaid shirts. They can be worn either with leggings, jeans, shorts, and even skirts. You don’t necessarily have to wear them as shirts, they can also be used as cardigans over simple spaghetti strapped shirts. I paired my favorite blue plaid shirt with leggings, a Tom Ford bag, H&M platform shoes, and my Miu Miu glasses. Go find yourself a plaid shirt that you like, maybe check your father’s closet, and rock it in any occasion.







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