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Most girls have a perfume they constantly use and are completely obsessed with it. Each person has a specific scent they like and they might go through many perfumes to find the perfect one. Having a specific scent isn’t only used to smell nice, but it’s the scent that people know you by. I have a couple of perfumes that I love using everyday, sometimes a little too much. They include the Body Burberry, Coco Chanel, Escada, Victoria Secret’s Fabulous, Valentino, and Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana.

Some tips on finding the perfect scent and wearing it:

  • Don’t stick to one scent until you’ve smelled many other options, your scent right now might not even be the right one.
  • Learn which kinds of scents you like the most, from which ‘family’ they come from. (Fruity, Floral, Spicy, Vanilla, Woody)
  • Have a couple of scents from different families so you could switch your scent from time to time.
  • When you shop for perfumes, shop during the day because our sense of smell is stronger as the day proceeds.
  • Don’t try right away 100 perfumes in one day. Spread your perfume testing over a couple of days.
  • Perfume should be applied behind the ear, behind the knee, center of the neck, and on the inner side of the wrists. If you spray your perfume to those places you don’t need to apply it during the day.



You might not even have a favorite perfume, but here are my top 10 perfumes that I fell in love with from the first moment I used them:


Chanel No. 5

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Daisy by Marc Jacobs

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Body Burberry

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Born in Paradise by Esacda

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Valentina by Valentino

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Fabulous by Victoria Secret

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Candy by Prada

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Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

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Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

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Bright Crystal by Versace

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