These boots are made for Walkin’

As the weather gets cooler in Abu Dhabi, it’s time to say goodbye to shorts and tanks tops, and say hello to boots, scarfs and over sized sweaters. We’re already half way through fall, which means winter and Christmas are right around the corner. The scary thing about this is that we only have two months left of 2015. Just yesterday I remember sitting down on my bed in my onesie on the 1st of January, opening up a new clean book, writing down my goals for 2015 and imagining what the new year will bring me. Time goes by so quickly that sometimes I forget to enjoy and do the things I love. So far, 2015 has been an amazing year, but it’s not over! There is still so much to do in the next two months and I’m very excited to share the upcoming projects with you all!

At this moment, I’m really in love with boots. Not only do they fit well with any kind of outfit, but they are also so comfortable and can enhance your look. Depending on the design of the boots, they can be worn as a casual look paired with jeans, a sweater and scarf, or as a more classic look paired with a blazer, a blouse, and trousers. One thing I love about boots is that there is such a huge range of different kinds of boots which makes it possible to mix and match them to different outfits. There are combat boots, cowboy boots, horse-riding boots, and even high knee boots. For a day out in the city, I decided to pair my brown leather boots with a black Moschino blazer, a grey Zara knitted shirt, black pants from Fouganza , and a dark brown Galliano bag. The boots and bag together enrich the outfit and accompany the blazer perfectly. Always try to add an accessory to your look whether its a bag, belt, scarf, or jewellery, but never too much.

One of my favourite hobbies is Horse Riding and the clothing that horse riders wear actually inspired this look. In one of the photos I decided to put on my riding helmet to complete that “riders” look. I found a really nice door while walking around the neighbourhood one day and thought it would be a perfect place to take pictures. The gold paint on the doors too matched the gold buttons on the blazer! I can’t wait to find more boots to wear out in the city, even if it’s still above 30 degrees. Take a risk and put on a pair of boots for a change. In the end, these boots are made for walking.




IMG_2529 IMG_2777

IMG_2709 IMG_2688

IMG_2550 IMG_2537

IMG_2692 IMG_2593

IMG_2589 IMG_2830



IMG_2707  IMG_2827

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