The Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014

It’s The Super Bowl for models. It makes you look at your lingerie and want to cry. It inspires you that with winter right around the corner, “the fat season” as I like to call it, you will NOT gain 5 kg (…this is impossible). Just watching them makes you want to get up and work out. Yup, I just ran down the stairs to the kitchen, pulled open the fridge, poured myself some milk into a bowl, stretched to reach the cereal shelf (already seeing the progress in my biceps take action), sprinted back up the stairs (calf muscles burning and all), and leaped back into my bed. With that workout, I’ll soon be a Victoria Secret model.

I was very disappointed when I heard Cara Delevingne wouldn’t be at the Victoria Secret fashion show this year, though I long forgave her, for she was walking at the runway for Karl Lagerfeld and Channel in AUSTRIA (home sweet home)! On the other hand, congratulations to her for winning the model of the year award! Last year, when she talked about how she gets prepared for the Victoria Secret Show, she made me envy and love her even more. She said, “I had McDonald’s for lunch and pizza for dinner. I need to eat a lot otherwise I feel faint- I get in the worst moods if I don’t eat.” May I just say, my mother bought me a shirt last month that said “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry”. Cara and I are same, same but different. Similar because we both love eating food, and different because she strides down the runway of prestigious fashion shows in heals higher than the Burj Kalifa, while I awkwardly march, and trip down the hallway to my kitchen.

Anyway, back to the Victoria Secret show. This year Chiara Ferragni (the alien behind The Blonde Salad. I say alien because I think she is out of this world gorgeous, creative and stylish) and Kristina Bazan, creative mind and founder of Kayture, were both backstage with the models and spectators at the show. Both The Blonde Salad and Kayture are Niedsano’s website icons and seeing them there, keeping us updated over Instagram, showed us how much is possible. There were also a number of different performances during the show. Singer Taylor Swift, or should I say Taylor the Angel, fit in perfectly and killed it. Ariana Grande also killed it, and almost got killed as well when she was hit by one of the angel’s wings.

Lastly the fantasy bra…(*these parenthesis are needed for a sigh. I mean LONG sigh) Let’s start by some interesting statistics (Anna let’s show our readers how professional you are in everything…not) Get ready to get your mind blown. The 2014 Fantasy Bras cost $2 million… EACH. They are covered with 16,000 pieces of jewels and crystals, hanging on gold strings. It has been said that it took 1,380 hours to make them, 57 and a half days. I think the people creating them deserve a round of applause. I don’t think I would ever have the patience, well then again it’s me, I have trouble sitting still in my seat for 15 minutes waiting for my food to come. Overall, the final outcome was breathtaking. Ever model had a different outfit that was extraordinary and beautiful. The whole set up was amazing and the show overall was magnifique! By far my favorite part of the whole show was Alessandra Ambrosio in the red fantasy bra, with Ed Sheeran singing in the background. APPLAUSE. APPLAUSE.


Your Truly, Anna










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