Take me to my Xanadu


My favorite word is Xanadu. Many of you may not know what the word means, but don’t you think that just by the sound of it, it sounds magnificent. Xanadu is a place of great beauty and contentment. I have no clue where this place is for me, if I have imagined it in my dreams, or if I will ever find this place, but I can only hope that one day I do find it.


So far a place that I do find beautiful and always have is the beach. Not only is it beautiful, but it also calms me down and relaxes me. The waves crashing against the shore have always soothed me and reading a good book while laying on the beach with a cold drink is one of my favorite interests in the summer.



At the moment I am in Malaga and it’s gorgeous. I have been spending everyday at the pool and beach in Balinese Beds. I have been reading The Mortal Instruments (book 6- the last book!), drinking my mojitos (sans alcohol as my parents request), and getting brown (maybe a little bit red too). We are leaving Malaga soon and though we have only been here a for a bit, we are for sure going to come back one day. My parents are contemplating whether to buy a house here perhaps. When I think of summer, I think part of it has to include lazy days laying at the beach, reading a book, drinking a cold refreshing drink and having no worries or stress. Thank you Malaga for fulfilling that



Everyone in Spain looks good! Not only do they have great figures, which amazes me as they all eat dinner at 10pm. How… and they are all tanned. The girls wear the cutest beach dresses and the guys wear the nicest polo’s. There is a limited amount to say about this outfit other then it is the perfect beach outfit. The skirt is actually also a dress that I bought at a market in the South of France. My crop top is from American Apparel and my sunglasses from Ralph Lauren.


Hope Everyone is having a splendid summer

Your Truly,



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Take me to my Xanadu

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