Summer Sky Blue

It’s the middle of summer, which means there is only a month left of it to enjoy! I think the perfect way to take pleasure in a nice walk around the city is in your favorite summer dress, matched with an elegant pair of heels or flats. With that dress you’re walking with that supermodel stride, back straight, head up, imagining that those streets are the runway and you’re the fashion show.


In Europe, especially mid-July, I get to wear clothes I can’t usually wear on the streets of Abu Dhabi, like dresses. In my opinion, every girl should have at least one dress packed in their suitcase that they can wear and show off. For this day, I decided to wear one of my favorite summer dresses that was given to me by a special friend. The dress itself is from Escada. It’s colorful and casual, perfect for a summer afternoon. My favorite color is blue and this dress has a number of different shades of blue combined in with orange, green, violet, and white. It’s very comfortable because it isn’t tight and is excellent for a hot day since it’s very open. I can also eat as much as I want and still feel good about walking out of the restaurant! My favorite part of it is the little cut it has in the center of the stomach area right below the two blue jewel buttons. This cotton dress can go with any kind of jewelry and can be worn with either heels or simple flip-flops. I paired this dress with a Nine West hat that can protect my head from the burning sun and turquoise Roberto Fabiani heels. The heels are high but they are soft which makes it easier to walk in. If you are going to walk in a city that has a smooth pavement then heels are a perfect way to spice up the outfit, but if the streets are made from bricks that are uneven, I think flats are a better choice in shoes. Enjoy your summer with a dress and walk around like a superstar that rules this world. As my fashion icon once said, “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.“ -Coco Chanel





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