Sitges & Barcelona

For the second week, we rented a house in Sitges. It’s a town about 35 kilometres from Barcelona, with great beaches, food and very open people. Our days were very laid back and relaxing, though we did go to Barcelona for a day and also spent a day in Prades, which is a city in the mountains. Prades is a very small town, while Barcelona is a big and busy city. I also stayed in Barcelona for two more days at my friends house. They live in Barcelona, so they took me around the touristic traps and showed me the real side of Barcelona. We went our for dinner one night, to a place called Flax and Cale, which is an amazing healthy restaurant, definitley worth going to. We also went and watched the Amy Winehouse documentary, which was the best documentary I have ever seen. Overall, my week in Sitges and Barcelona was one of the highlights of my summer. I have never been to Sitges, but it was such an open and fun town.  I have been to Barcelona many times and every time I love it even more.

Yours Truly,



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