During my last Spring break, I traveled with my dad and siblings for a few days to Singapore. There is so much to see and do in Singapore!

On the first day we went to the Singapore Flyer, which standing at 165m from the ground, is the largest observation wheel in the world. The short waiting time is worth it as the view is amazing. That night, we ate at the Marina Bay and watched the light show with some friends. The light show is for free and starts at 8pm and 9.30pm everyday except on Friday and Saturday nights, the show starts at 11pm.

The next day we went to Universal Studios with some friends. If you do go to Universal Studios, don’t go on the weekend. It was very humid and standing for hours in a line for a 10 minute ride was not very enjoyable. I think for younger children it’s like a fairytale and the part that amazed me the most was how astonishing everything looked, especially the Shrek castle.

The next day was like a fairytale for me because it was shopping day and my dad was in the mood for spoiling me. I heard that Singapore is known for its shopping, so i decided to see if it really is known for it. We also went to the Botanic Gardens. I’ve never seen so many flowers or have seen my dad take so many pictures.

Dad: “Wait kids. Stand next to this flower, it’s my favorite and I need to send a picture to your mother.”

…After 5 meters

Dad: “STOP. This flower bush is my favorite. I’m sure your grandmother would expect me to send her a picture. Kids stand next to it.”

…After 20 pictures

Dad: “What about your great great aunt. She would be disappointed not to get a picture. Stop here, this flower is very nice.”

My sister: “Who is our great great aunt.”

My brother: “I though she was dead?”

Dad: “……”

After another 20 pictures

Dad: “we need to take a picture for your grandp…”

Me: “both of our grandpas are dead, I know that for sure. I think we have enough pictures now.”

My sister, brother and I are all running away.

Dad: “wait, I didn’t get one for me…”

We also visited China town, where we lunch and bought some souvenirs. On the last night, we went to a really nice rooftop restaurant/bar. The food and view were both very impressive. I greatly recommend going to a rooftop restaurant/bar especially since there are many nice ones in Singapore.

Singapore is a really nice city and the few days we had, were always fully packed. It’s a city with lots of life and a city that offers a lot. I greatly recommend that before you go, you look at some travel guides. Here is a great travel guide

With those few packed days in the city, we got ready and were on the plane off to our next destination. Bali!

Yours Truly,

Anna Niederlander

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