Simple Smoothie Sensation

Last summer my crazy healthy cousin introduced me to a delicious and … healthy (yummy and healthy- in my world those two do not fit together all the time) smoothie.

Every morning before school I have a smoothie with my cereals. Our family comes up with our own smoothies. That is another reason why I love smoothies. If your family is anything like ours and has never been able to do pocket money for more than a month, always missing an ingredient in the recipe, and never been able to completely follow a recipe in a cook book without adding a little here and there, then you will be delighted to know that you have a lot of freedom in making your own smoothies. You can be as creative as you want with what you put in the smoothie. Now I’m not saying that your smoothie will turn out amazing every time. Believe me I’ve come across some not so successful smoothie experiments, but then again I’ve had some smoothies that taste so good they blew my mind.

Of course there are books and websites where you can make smoothies that taste great and fulfill any requests, such as low in calories or high in protein. Our family has two books that are great and have also visited many great websites. Here are some great websites:




My Favorite smoothie right now is very simple but delicious. If you are in love with berries like I am, then you will love this smoothie. It is just blueberries, raspberries and bananas. You put them all together in a mixer, close the lid (don’t forget this step-believe me I know the consequences), and mix it all together. Ta-Da.

Yours Truly,

Anna Niederlander

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