Siena is another Italian city that is filled with art, museums, good food, and the Palio, a horse race that happens only twice a year. I was so impressed with it’s old streets and beautiful old houses. The main centre point called the Piazza del Campo is huge and holds the Palio horse race. The horse race is very important to the people of Siena, the city flourishes on the pride the races bring. Ten ridders and horses participate in the races, representing 10 out 17 contrade (citywards) by wearing different colours. Close to the Piazza, the stunning Siena cathedral is seen, which was completed in 1380. For my day in Sienna, i wore my black and white checkered dress, paired with a Lanvin belt and high top white platform shoes. Siena is filled with historical places, buildings, and has more than five different churches. Siena’s cuisine is also one that everyone must try, like almost all of the cities in Italy. It was a pleasure to see a different side of Italy, and get lost in the old streets of Siena.




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