Seven in Heaven

7 girls, 6 days, 5 nights, 1 big city. Responsibilities but no expectations, Welcome to Barcelona.

This unforgettable trip to a beautiful Spanish city was definitely one of the best things that has happened this summer. As much fun as I had fun travelling around Holland and Brussels, nothing can compare to my time spent with the friends I love the most.

Us 7 girls stayed in an apartment right in the center. This was a huge benefit because we were able to mostly walk everywhere (even I wanted to die the second day already). At the early stages of our trip, we decided to trade our sleeping hours for more fun moments shared together, which could be considered as a bad thing because sleep is important, but when you’re out with your friends alone in a city like Barcelona, sleep is last on the to-do list. Sharing clothes, fighting over mirror spaces, running out of towels, and grabbing coffee in the morning to not die during the day are only some parts of this vacation.

From days where we ate Spanish food at fancy restaurants, to making pesto pasta at home, exploring a city with your friends should be a must-do on everyone’s bucket list. So much laughter, inside jokes, deep conversations, and funny moments consume you, creating memories lasting a lifetime! The important thing is not about what you do specifically, but rather with whom you spend your precious time with.

In this short amount of time, my friends and I got to see so many things. Thankfully one of my friends is from Barcelona, so we were lucky to have our own tour guide that showed us some of the top spots in town. From very touristy things like taking a walk down La Rambla, seeing Gaudi’s work around town, visiting the Sagrada Família and Güell’s beautiful park, to doing local things like going to the beach a bit farther from the city, lounging at a rooftop with the sunset’s view or hanging around in small pubs.

Barcelona is also known for its amazing nightlife. This crazy nightlife can include going out for a nice dinner, dancing in a club, or just laughing around a table at a local bar. For the clubs, the most known are located along La Barceloneta on the beach. However, in those places, there are SO many tourists, causing it to always be packed, but the music is usually really good so it’s worth to try for a night. Be careful with your things though and watch out for people trying to get too close to you! If you’re planning on going out for dinner, plan on going no earlier than 8:30. In Spain dinner is a late affair, almost always served after 9!

After a wild 6 days, our feet truly took a beating and so did our voices. We weren’t ready to leave but all good things must come to an end somewhere. With warm hugs and kisses, we say good-bye to each other and to beautiful Barcelona. It has been quite the adventure. Here’s to hopefully many more to come! Enjoy x



Niedsano’s Travel Tips When In Barcelona:


  • Barcelona is kind of like a hill, with the mountains at the top and the sea down at the bottom. So if you’re ever lost, orientate yourself based on where the location is in comparison to the upper side closer to the mountains or the lower side closer to the sea. Don’t be afraid to ask around as well, the locals don’t bite!
  • If you’re planning on walking around the city and visit the different monuments, wear comfortable shoes! We almost fell apart when we walked more than planned in shoes not made for long travels.
  • FOOD TIP: If you want to find a brunch spot, visit the restaurant Travel & Cake. They have amazing food that not only tastes good but also looks good. You really won’t regret it.
  • When walking around especially in very touristy places, hold on to your bags very tightly or even put it over your shoulder. There are plenty of purse-snatchers and pickpockets who can snatch your things in a millisecond. The perfect bag for this kind of city is a Fanny Pack, better safe than sorry! If you don’t have a fanny pack, then just bring a bag that can be zipped up and worn around your shoulder.
  • If you’re going out to a club or a bar, always keep your drink in your hand. Never leave it on the counter to then come back to it after a few moments. You never know who’s around.
  • When in Barcelona, treat yourself with some local foods like Tapas and Paella!






































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