Niedsano’s School Outfit Ideas

Are you someone who just can’t pick outfits for school? Or don’t know what to combine with what in your closet? Sometimes it takes me hours, with my whole closet spread out on the floor, to pick an outfit for school. With tough decisions and confusion, I usually end up picking the first outfit I tried on and still leave the room in a mess. If you are confused about what to wear, here are my 8 simple school outfit ideas (within dress code) you can re-create to start your school day on the right and stylish foot!





A preppy look can be a plaid skirt and a nice blouse, or a button down shirt with elegant pants. If you want to get more ideas about what preppy looks like, search Gossip Girl outfits on google and you’ll find a whole lot of preppy!


To me, a girly girl outfit is composed of a nice dress with simple flats paired with a cardigan, or a pink skirt with a white shirt. To go for this style, Pink and flowers are always a good idea

School Outfits

Sweatpants and a comfy shirt always pave the way to a sporty styled look. Yoga pants can also be a substitute for sweatpants, worn with a simple shirt and sporty shoes (Like my Stan Smiths)



Go back in time with a Vintage piece from your closet(or your moms)! My tip is to pair your vintage piece with another modern styled piece. For example a modern cardigan with a vintage dress, or jeans with a vintage button down shirt

School Outfits

You can never go wrong with denim. I paired a long denim shirt with simple leggings and vans. You could even be a little risky and go for that Britney and Justin denim on denim look, but if not, then just pick one piece of clothing thats denim and the other not

School Outfits

Smart Casual: Blazers and more Blazers. This is the piece of clothing you can wear with any bottoms to give you that smart causal look. I would recommend to also have a pair of Chelsea boots or Oxford shoes to give you that extra smart boost!

School Outfits

This look is perfect for a day where you have a class where the teacher puts the AC down to the negatives and you’re always cold!(me in Biology) Grab your favourite sweater, pair it up with leggings or tight jeans, and wrap around a scarf to complete that sweater weather look

School Outfits

Patterns are the best way to make a statement and get noticed for your unique style. The patterned pieces can be the only thing that is popping with colour while the rest of the outfit is toned down and neutral. This can be a patterned dress with a one-color cardigan, or patterned jeans with a black/white shirt


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