Saadiyat Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” Every person interprets what they see differently, depending on what they know is true from what they are seeing. The Abu Dhabi art exhibition was filled with breathtaking pieces that left us astonished. It’s incredible what people around the world do and develop, in order to let others look at the world through different perspectives. The exhibition was filled with paintings, sculptures, and lights. We even got to see the 35 million dollar painting by Pablo Picasso. Some pieces were different than others and needed more time to understand the message the artist was trying to get across. There were a few pieces that left us confused on how it is art in the first place, but then again everyone sees differently. All in all, it was an honor getting the opportunity to gaze and ponder over the amazing art pieces the exhibition had to offer.

With love,

Anna and Anastasia


Here are some of the art pieces from the art show:





Sculptures         "I am a person trapped inside a woman's body"


      Marilyn Monroe vs. John F. Kennedy



35 million dollar painting      Pablo Picasso

      Spoons and Forks

Mickey Mouse                        YES TO ALL

Niedsano Girls













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