Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús:

Being in the south of Spain, Andalusia for a week we spent most of our time at the beach relaxing. But we also went to Puerto Banús. Puerto Banús is to Spain like what St Tropez is to France. The harbor is loaded with boats, first the smaller ones and gradually progressing to the mega yachts. Nice car after nice car driving by in walk tempo. The first night that we went there for dinner my family and I sat at a table next to the street where all the people and cars pass by. Lets just say much of our dinner consisted of looking out at what people were wearing and the cars that passed by. The outfits ranged greatly, some making us laugh, some making us admire them and wish we had that. The cars were all about the same: the most expensive of the expensive cars. Lamborghini, Rolls Roys, Porches, Bentleys, Aston Martins, Ferraris.. My brother even spotted Demichelis, an Argentinian Manchester City soccer player pass by in his Ferrari. Unfortunately we all realized too late and by the time we got up he was already past us. The food was great, the atmosphere was fun and the sights were amusing. It was a very enjoyable night indeed. 🙂 We went there the next night as well but this time we went to a small market 5 minutes walking from the harbor. Markets are always great and even though this one was not so large it was really nice. There was also a tiny bar where they served mojitos and not only were the mojitos great, but the bar was like our starting point or where I had to go to find my dad if I needed some money… 😛 We were also with some family friends and then we went to a tapas place where we were actually once before called La Taberna del Pintxo. I greatly recommend it! Spanish food.. ahhh. If you ever find yourself in Andalusia, a place that you should pass by is Puerto Banús.



I was wearing a romper from Zara. The top and bottom are made of different fabrics and it is very comfy. I love it because I can wear it plain and casual, but I can also dress it up. I am not sure where the necklace is from, but as I said before Zara has very nice necklaces that are similar to it. My heels are from COS. They are very small heels which makes them great for adding a classy touch but still not overdoing it and allowing you still to walk comfortably and confidently. I love boutiques but if I had to choose two favourite shops they would be Zara and COS. Zara because it has something for everyone and you rarely leave empty handed. Also the price is more than reasonable and quality is almost always great. Same goes with COS. Their relationship of price and quality is great. Also, Abu Dhabi doesn’t have COS so whenever I find one I take advantage of it. My brackets are actually from Marbella and my rings are in the form of the Hand of Fatima, which I love. This outfit is comfy, not too overdressed, and perfect for the city.

Yours Truly, Anna

Mojito Cocktail water fountain rings and bracelets

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