O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

In fair Verona one night on the balcony, Juliet once said the famous lines

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name;

Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,

And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.


For this tragic, yet beautiful love story thousands of people journey to Verona to see the balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo declared his love. Romeo and Juliet were most probably only pieces of Shakespeare’s imagination, but that doesn’t matter. This story of star-crossed lovers has proven how powerful writing can be. It has become the reason why we all visit the famous balcony in Verona: We all want to live a little part of Shakespeare’s imaginations, we all want to live a little part of his dream.

Juliet’s house in Verona dates from the 13th century and was owned by the family dell Capello (Capulet- Capello). In the courtyard there is a bronze sculpture of Juliet and it’s said that if people rub her right breast, it brings you luck in love (hopefully no tragic ending). Inside the house is a small museum and of course you may go up and stand on the famous balcony. I swear when I was up there I thought I saw Leonardo Di Caprio (who will always carry the face of Romeo for me) for a second. I wish..

The most impressive part was that not only did people stick plasters/paper notes on walls and doors of the entrances, but they also hung lock keys and gum, all with initials or some message on it. Each person in my family, including myself, stuck a plaster with something written on it on the wall of the entrance. We also hung a plaster saying “Forever Love Karin & Lukas” for my cousin who is getting married on the 15th of August! It amazes me how many people, old and young, from all over the world have come here just to live a little part or Shakespeare’s dream. 



Juliet's balcony with sister gum gum

gum lock & keys

lock & keys my sister sticking a plaster leanin' on the way

wall full of plasters Forever Love Karin & Lukas

pointing at Forever Love Karin & Lukas wall full of plasters

on the balcony of Juliet looking down on the courtyard

lock & keys lock & keys

gum lock & keys

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