This past October, I got the privilege of attending a school service trip to Nepal. I have to say, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had on a school trip and already miss it so much! My group and I got to interact with the kids from the orphanage, explore the Nepali forests during our hikes, and see the world from a different perspective. I have never been to a third world country before, and, after the experience, I realise how lucky I am to have a family that supports me, food, a bed to sleep on, and a good education. What surprised me the most was how welcoming the people were and how they continued to smile no matter what was going on in their lives.

The first few days we spent at the orphanage playing with the kids and doing some work around the house. We mostly painted the windows and doors on all the floors. The kids were adorable, very energetic, and probably one of the main reasons why I loved this trip so much. During our stay there, all we pretty much ate was rice and eggs. Not the top cuisine, but when you are working all day and hungry, anything tastes good! Our group also got to enjoy the Nepali festival and the ceremony, where each person gets this red mark on their forehead called a tikka. The nights we spent in the city shopping and enjoying tasty food were amazing, especially the part where I got to buy a lot of clothes and jewelry!

After out stay at the orphanage, our group went on a three-day hike. The hiking part was very tiring and long. The first day we walked uphill for around 5 hours, with some breaks in between of course. People could walk at their own speed and take their time, just as long as they got to the destination point. My friends and I were so far ahead that we thought we got lost at one point in the massive forest! We just kept walking until we finally saw other people from our school walk behind us. The second day, we walked for around 8 hours both up and down hill. By the end of those two days, everyone’s legs and butts were aching. Just the reactions on people’s faces when they saw a chair to sit down on were priceless. We had to wake up at 6am in order to see the sunrise, but the early wake up was definitely worth it because the view at 2,700m was breathtaking! The final day, we only walked for 3 hours back to the bus that would take us to our hotel, where we got to take nice, warm showers.

One thing that made this trip amazing was the group of people that went with me. From laughing about hair dryers and weird voices to screaming when seeing a spider in the room, the trip overall was unforgettable.



If you want to learn more about the orphanage or volunteer at Ocean Nepal, click here.

beautiful 6 am views

One of the temples we visited

Cutest kid named Dip

Baby monkey with it's mom


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