My Week in Sri Lanka

The best way to start the summer: spend a week in the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. I stayed at a place called kitesurfinglanka (link here). Sri Lanka+ kitesurfing= kiting in paradise. Sadly, I was either the photographer or someone that stayed back at the resort because I recently had an operation on my knee and my doctor said that under no circumstances was I to touch kitesurfing. But other than that, there was so much else to do! My days consisted of yoga, massage, reading, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, playing cards, walking on the beach, and sleeping everywhere. I don’t know if it was the waves and the salt water or just me being so exhausted from exams, but i ended up sleeping everywhere. Though I was not allowed to go kitesurfing I had the pleasure of watching my sibling struggle, as well as see one of the kiting instructors, who used to be the number one kite surfer in Sri Lanka, give us a private show. He did jumps, flips and in the end even let all the kids take turns riding on his back. Before the trip a friend of mine asked the students in our school to donate any toys or stuffed animals that they had laying around their house, and in the end we took all of the toys with us. We went to a total of 3 schools, handing out toys and playing with the children, as well as drive around the village, hanging off the truck while handing out toys. I enjoyed visiting all the schools, but the second school we visited absolutely blew me away. The main teacher was very kind and you could see she cared tremendously about the children, even though she only earns 60 dollars per year (what teachers in my school earn in an hour). Of course many children were afraid and shy at first, one child even cried because they had never seen a white person before, but the more time we spent with them, the more they opened up. These children were never fortunate enough to own any toys, and you could see how they brightened up when we gave them their first, very own toys. It wasn’t much but I’m sure to some of them it didn’t only make their day, their week, but it made their year.  I enjoyed playing with the children so much. The longer I played with them, the harder it was for me to leave. It was something so small from our behalf, but made such a big difference to them. On the last day we had a campfire and later on  went out to the ocean. If you go in a little deep, you can see the sulfur glow and glitter in the sea. I was wearing a white t-shirt and when I lifted up my shirt, a waterfall of sparkles came down. We laughed as the waves hit us, and watched the beautiful sulfur glitter. We warmed up by the campfire, under a sky filled with stars. I know to many people it’s normal to see stars all the time, but in Abu Dhabi it’s not. When you look up searching for a star all you get is the blinking light of airplanes. It was beautiful and the best way to end the trip. I would love to return to Sri Lanka next year and spend a week or two with the children and go kitesurfing. I greatly recommend going to kitesurfinglanka if you want an adventurous or a kitesurfing vacation. It’s a great place to learn kitesurfing, a new and exciting sport. It’s not luxurious at all, and I have to admit I missed my room with AC and my normal food, but it was a trip I will not forget and a place I definitely want to return to.

Yours truly,




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