My Week in Goa

For spring break, I spent a week in Goa with my family and it took only 3 hours to fly into this new world. My days consisted of laying at the pool, drinking mojitos till I lost count of how many I had, having massages, laying at the pool some more, sleeping, reading, sleeping some more and hearing the waves crash, while having dinner with my feet in the sand.

My family and I stayed in 2 different hotels, one which recently opened and was very small, and the other which was huge (you know you have a good life when a complaint you have about a hotel is that you had to walk too long to go from the pool to the beach). On the second day we left our hotel to go to the open beach to eat, which was filled with people, and many little restaurants located at the shore. We found an amazing restaurant called “Lucky Star” and ate the best indian food I have ever had. Although, after having an abundant amount of Indian food for a week, I returned with no appetite for it. In our second hotel we tried archery (in which I was the best… at missing the target) and went out dolphin watching. There were cows literally everywhere: at the beach, in the middle of the highway, and on our walk to the hotel. Though Bali is still my favourite paradise, I am definitely adding Goa to the list.

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2 thoughts on “My Week in Goa

  1. Can you let me know the 2 hotels you stayed at? I visit goa almost every year, but i couldn’t recognize the pictures. so maybe there is something for me to check out next year :). Cheers.

    • Hi aldrin,
      I stayed in
      1.) The LaLit- it was actually an old intercontinental hotel before they changed it. Its quite old, but is a large resort with lots of activities to do within the resort. You are quite isolated though and there is not a lot else to do outside the resort.
      2.) Acron Waterfront- its a very new resort that just recently opened, and is very small. They do not have their own beach, but the public beach is quite nice. Also, there are many restaurants and an abundant amount of nightlife that is all walking distance from the hotel.

      They are both very different from one another, but both are really nice 🙂

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