My Trip to Manchester and Liverpool

Main lesson I learnt from my short trip:

  • English people are very, lets say, passionate about football (My swearing vocabulary doubled in those 2 days)
  • I need to go again

I traveled for 2 days with my siblings and father to Manchester and Liverpool. We stayed at the Hilton, which is 5 minutes from the Manchester airport. We had to wake up at 4… yes 4 am, so when we got to our hotel the first thing we did was sleep. If sleep were a person, this is what I would write them: dear sleep, I know we had problems when I was younger… but I love you now. After that we went to the Etihad Stadium to watch the Manchester City vs. Burnley, that ended in a poor 2-2 draw. Coming from Abu Dhabi, who own Man City, we support them. But our heart will always be for Liverpool FC. We traveled to Liverpool the next day, toured the city, and afterward went to the match.

Fun facts about Liverpool:

  • Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England, home to both Liverpool and Everton (Liverpool and Everton= rivals).
  • The city is home to more top selling musicians and rock groups than any other, including the Beatles.

We got box tickets, so before the game started we had a great dinner and had some controversial football talks. Just being in Anfield, the Liverpool Stadium, and singing the ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’ anthem, was absolutely amazing. Final score: Liverpool 4, Swansea 1. Again, may I repeat: Liverpool 4, Swansea 1. The day couldn’t end better. I wish we would have stayed longer and explored both Manchester and Liverpool a little longer but it just means I will just have to go again.

Yours Truly,






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