Moscow, oh how i love you! Russia is the biggest country in the world and, the center of this massive area is it’s capital city, Moscow. Москва, as written in Russian, is a beautiful place with many different sites to visit and, is a window that is open to view the history of Russia. I love this city because every day it has a way to surprise me. With over 15 million inhabitants, and that’s only the people that are registered, I get to see how different people act, dress, and live their daily lives. In the huge metro of Moscow, if you’re a tourist or a new resident, you will get lost the first time you go for sure because of how massive it is. I got lost the first and mostly every time I went, but thankfully my kind mother, for the first time, knew where to go. The metro station has 194 stations and is made up of different colourful routes of lines that are connected together in a spider-like web. It amazes me how people can memorize the stations and where to go, when just looking at the map itself loses me. The great metro leads to different places in Moscow that are just breathtaking. For example, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Red square, Gorky’s Park, and the Kremlin.

During the summer, sometimes the weather is lovey but other times you dress very nicely, go outside, and it starts raining. That happened to me when I visited Moscow recently and it indeed wasn’t a very bright summer day. On the other hand, it does get very cold, especially in the winter where you literally can’t move your body. In case any of you are going to visit Moscow during the winter, remember to bring 4 layers of clothing, loads of scarfs, hats, and a second layer of skin because there’s a slight chance that you will freeze in the weather when its -30 degrees Celsius! Despite the long distances between each station, everywhere around Moscow the buildings are mostly all old, but gold. Not gold like in Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace, but gold meaning full of old history and amazing architectures. Each building seems to tell a story, especially the ones near the center. Instead of having huge skyscrapers, the people of Russia cherish and respect their small story buildings because of the beauty they bring to the capital. One thing probably every Russian has is a Matryoshka doll in their house. This is the national doll of Russian that is hand painted onto wood. It’s a set of dolls that decrease size as they are placed one inside the other. The first doll was carved back in 1890 and still lives up to this day as another figure that represents Russian culture. To talk about food, I’m in love with it. Russian food is so tasty and every time I come to Moscow I eat everything I can’t eat back in the UAE. For example, the Russian Blini which are basically thin pancakes, the different kinds of soups that my mother usually cooks like the Borscht, and Pelmeni which are dumplings consisting of a filling that is wrapped in a thin layer of dough.

Overall, Moscow is one of the cities I love dearly. I think everyone should have an opportunity to visit the capital of Russia and have a look for him or herself at the magnificent features it has to offer.


Anastasia Basano

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