“Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?”

My mother and uncle wake up at 6am to go to a flea market… Though 6am is a little early for me, I tag along for the ones that start a little later. I really enjoy flea markets and find them fascinating. There is old artwork of beautiful mountain ranges, black and white soldier pictures, vintage coats, old school roller skates, postcards filled with cursive handwritten messages, family portraits, an abundant amount of vinyls, antiquities and then, there is junk. For example, at today’s flea market I saw a box filled with medallions, staples, watches, and a snickers bar… That person must really have lacked the skills of categorising! I got a vantage Alberta Ferretti coat, a black fur hat and a one of a kind briefcase. Abu Dhabi always has the newest of the newest. The newest collections, furniture, brands, but what they don’t have are thrift shops. Thrift shops with unique and different things, for amazing prices! That is why I love flea markets. I also love them because there is so much history behind the objects being sold, and definitely interesting stories. Looking through old picture books, reading postcards filled with heartfelt messages, trying on vintage coats. It’s a story.

Whether you are an artist like my uncle, a blogger like me, a person looking for a new painting to fit into you room or a warm winter coat, or a person that is just looking for inspiration, the flea market is a great place to go. Yes, some flea markets are better than others, but it’s worth the chance. Many don’t understand why one would wake up at 6 am, drive one hour to come back with a box full of ‘junk’. My advise to you: be open-minded. Give it a try. You never know what you might find.

In this outfit I am wearing the black fur hat and the one of a kind briefcase that I bought at the flea market. I am absolutely in love with the briefcase. It makes me want to walk into important meetings feeling like a businesswoman, like in the James bond movies.


what is the snickers doing there?   IMG_0658

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