Love Bites

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a long time. I have been so held up with school and most importantly my new puppy! I got her 3 months ago from Germany, and named her Sisi. We named her after the last empress of Austria, empress Elisabeth, who everyone called Sissi. She is a pure Australian Shepard, and is 5 months old now. She is the cutest thing ever… when she doesn’t pee in the house or bites our shoes. In this shoot I am wearing a quite heavy winter dress, a COS collar, and jewellery that has the hand of fatima (aka. hamsa) on it. Spring break has just started and for the first time ever, I am staying in Abu Dhabi for a little bit. I hope you all enjoy, or have already enjoyed your break. If there is anyone that loves school breaks, it is me.





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