Karl is My Father

Every person has at least one shirt that they love oh so much and always pick to wear over any other piece of clothing in their closet. It may be simple, but to you, it’s the best shirt there is. At the moment there is one shirt that everyone is lusting over and wanting in their closet, even Kylie Jenner and Chiara Ferragni have it. It’s similar to your simple shirt yet it has a slogan referencing someone iconic, someone who is dominating in the fashion world with his extraordinary designs and ideas, no one other than Karl Lagerfeld himself.

Karl Lagerfeld is a German designer and artist who now is the head designer of Chanel, Fendi, and his own fashion label. You may know him as the guy in black sunglasses, white hair, high starched collars and sometimes his fashionable gloves. His stunning designs have stolen the show at major fashion weeks, such as at the recent Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. He is a reminder, amongst others, to all rising and existing designers of what fashion should truly be. His creative ideas, and I’m not only speaking about the clothes, but also the sets of the fashion shows recreate the image of fashion. I was absoultuely awed when I saw this years Fendi Haute Couture show in Rome that was held at the fountain of Trevi, with the models walking on a glass runway in the fountain itself!

With him being one of the wiser, oldest, and most experienced in the industry, he is therefore known as the Father of the fashion industry at the moment, hence the slogan on the shirt ” Karl is My Father” designed by Eleven Paris, a brand created by two friends who combine pop culture and rock references into contemporary designs. To all fashion and Karl Lagerfeld lovers, this t-shirt is a must! He is and will always remain a legend! Who said your simple and comfy shirt can’t be a tiny bit fashionable?



Karl Shirt 1 Karl Shirt 2 Karl Shirt 3 Karl Shirt 4 Karl Shirt 5 Karl Shirt 6 Karl Shirt 7 Karl Shirt 8





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