Hunting for Treasure

After walking around town, you enter a boutique store in Brussels, attracted by a nostalgic presence. As you pass through the door, BOOM you’re back into the twenties with Haute Couture pieces from Chanel and Lanvin, Dior and Louis Vuitton from the 1940’s, and even some Moschino pieces from the more present 1980’s. It’s a true time traveling experience. Those are the forgotten pieces in the fashion world, however despite their age and secondhand title, they will always remain true old but gold classics!

One thing I love about Brussels is the unlimited boutique stores, vintage shops, and top fashion houses there are all around. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are amazing places for shopping, but sometimes lack some of the gems you can find in a vintage or secondhand store, which can be in perfect store-bought quality. Due to their being no such stores in the UAE, it makes it even more fun and wild for me when I can finally get myself into one the stores here in Brussels. It’s as if i’m searching for a long lost treasure.

These shops that are sometimes hidden from the public eye have amazing clothes ranging from a wide selection of designers. There are even stores where you pay by the kilo (where i choose so many scarfs because they’re so light!) The main two streets in Brussels where you can find some of the best shops are: Rue Haute and Rue Blaes.

Here are some Niedsano Tips: If you’re planning on going shopping, make sure to bring a bag because some stores don’t sell or give them out to customers, Brussels does think of the environment sometimes. I would recommend to also put on your best walking shoes and wear comfortable clothes so that it’s easier to change when trying on the clothes!

In my treasure hunt, i found many beautiful pieces, one of which I’m wearing in today’s post. This long red shirt is from the 1970’s. I love the white print on the bottom half of the shirt, reminding me of life in the big cities. I paired the shirt with black classic Zara pants, Madden Girl shoes, and my favourite Chanel bag. With time left in the city, there’s more treasure hunting left to do!











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