How to Deal With a Bad Hair Day

Sometimes us busy girls have so much to do that our hair is the last thing on our mind. We might not have time to jump into the shower or wait for the straightener to turn on when we’re in a rush. I know I’m guilty of that, especially when my alarm clock doesn’t end up ringing and I wake up 5 minutes before I have to leave. I usually wake up panicking knowing that I’m going to have a bad hair day at school with no solutions to solve my “major” dilemma. However, there are some easy solutions that solve the hair frustration you may have in the morning!

Niedsano’s tips and tricks on How to Deal With a Bad Hair Day: 


1. Dry Shampoo is a bad hair day’s best friend! If you have dry shampoo in your house, then just spray a little bit on to your roots and massage it in with your hands. My favourite dry shampoo in Abu Dhabi is from the store Boots, but if you don’t own any dry shampoo, here’s a recipe I used to create my own:


From bridebird 

 2.  Another way to hide your hair is by covering it up with a turban or a bandana! If you don’t have a bandana or a turban, you can just take a small regular scarf and wrap it around your head which will create a similar affect. This can be worn in a stylish manner using patterned fabric or one with vibrant colours.


From The Glamourai

3. One small trick that can make a huge difference is changing the part of your hair. If you usually part your hair on one side, changing the part might help you find areas where your hair has more volume or a better shape for you face.

4. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to embrace your messy hair and make something out of it! You can embrace it by transforming your hair into beach hair and make braids on the sides of your head. If you have oily hair, then just make one tight braid that goes over the top of your head and spray it with a glossing spray, making it seem as if your hair were meant to be shiny.

5. If you have frizzy hair, spray your brush with little bit of hairspray and lightly run it over your hair to tame them.

6. One of my personal favourite tricks is the hat trick, which I used today! Just grab a hat or a beanie that matches your outfit and watch it cover up your messy hair, dragging all of the attention towards the hat. No one will have a single clue, they’ll think it’s part of your outfit!

For my bad hair day, I decided to disguise it by wearing a patterned hat from Accessorize. I matched the hat with a knitted Zara sweater, a long tight grey skirt from Body Casual, and platform shoes from Madden Girl.

Here’s to no more bad hair days!



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