Hollmann Beletage

In Vienna there are too many hotels to choose from.. My mom chose a hotel for us this time and she told us that even though it’s not well know, it’s said to be amazing. And she was right. The hotel is called Hollmann Beletage. It’s located on Köllnerhofgasse 6, 1010 Wien and the entrance doesn’t look like the typical hotel entrance you may find in Abu Dhabi, but is hard to spot. Just being there for 4 days was enough to make me want to go back to that hotel the next time I go to Vienna. Let me just mention some things about Hollmann Beletage that made it so noteworthy:

1) The breakfast was amazing and delicious. You could order what you wanted and they would cook your food right in the kitchen in front of you so you could watch them.  and… it was all free!!! (I know that they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you should eat a lot… but my siblings and I ate more than a lot…).

2) They have free drinks and food during the entire day (My family and I ate too many ice creams to count but there always seemed to be more and more).

3) They had a mini cinema (Even though we didn’t use it because we never got the time).

4) They had a piano (with headphones). They said the piano was there for hotel guests to shows of their talent and headphones were there for the guests who wanted to keep their talent a secret. Though my sister and I sat at the piano with the headphones on, I doubt you can consider my sister playing the first line of jingle bells and me playing random notes a talent. But it was fun.

5) The room was clean, a good size and had air conditioning

6) The bathroom was built into the wall and looks like a closet at first (so cool), and the shampoos they gave us smelled so good.

7) They had an outside terrace where you could sit on cute little orange (my favorite color) chairs.

8) The staff were kind and helpful.

9) They have one bike for hotel guests (its orange and retro).

10) There are comfy sofas and magazines everywhere (just incase your family locks you out of the room because they think it’s funny..)

11) The beds are beyond comfy.


For more information visit their website here


Yours Truly, Anna Niederlander


All images from Hollmann Beletage Gallery:

Bathroom-Residence-galerie-1239ed18 Beletage-offen-galerie-2372ba4d breakfast-room-galerie-4fa21a50

eigericht-galerie-679eab47 Frühstück-galerie-7fdb4a0d garten-galerie-f90974ea-1

ipad-rez-galerie-0c5b8cbe klavier-galerie-49ddd4f2 leseecke-galerie-cc1ea20e

Residenz-XL-Room-Open-galerie-83299533 suite-wohnzimmer-galerie-694cef84 Tafel-galerie-e01c3dc2


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