Happy 43rd birthday UAE!

Happy 43rd birthday UAE! I have had the honor of spending 16 years growing up here. It is crazy how fast the UAE has developed and changed into the international, opportunity rich, dynamic and modern country it is today. Although sometimes I do miss Europe, and life here is very different, I am grateful for everything I have here. I mean the country alone holds about 150 world records: fastest rollercoaster, longest graffiti scroll, highest skyscraper, tallest flag pole, most expensive care plate, longest firework show, largest shopping center, … The UAE has spoiled me and made every country look petit compared to it.

Here is a list of what happens when you live in the UAE:

  • You can ski in the summer. And who says you need a mountain?
  • Right after you ski you can go to the mall to see a shark in an aquarium
  • You expect all policemen to drive nice cars
  • Seeing a normal Porsche or Lamborghini without any kind of customization does not impress you. If it’s not gold-plated then it doesn’t deserve a second-look.
  • There is no tax (yep- no tax on clothes!)
  • You don’t pump your own gas
  • The gas is extremely cheep (EXTREMELY)
  • “Lets meet at THE mall” means nothing
  • VVVIP is a thing
  • Being half an hour late is considered early
  • The weekend is Friday and Saturday
  • Shawarmas are fast food.
  • The heat is unreal
  • Delivering food or anything else is a challenge (Since there isn’t a proper address system)
  • All explicit bits in films are cut out (the Wolf of Wallstreet is 45 minutes shorter than the original)
  • One missed exit on the highway makes your whole trip an hour longer
  • You need a sweater when it’s 20 degrees Celsius
  • There are too many carpets in your house
  • There are gold vending machines
  • They have some of the cleanest and nicest public toilets
  • You expect shops to be open 24/7
  • There is an endless supply of air conditioners and zero heaters
  • yella (hurry up, let’s go) habibi (my love) and inshalla (if god will) are your most used words






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