Going Old School

For the last Choir performance this year, everyone had to sing songs from the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. It wasn’t a normal Choir concert though, where people sit in their seats and watch the concert. The audience was actually having dinner, like in normal restaurants where there are artists performing whole people are eating. It was a great taste of what it’s like performing at a hotel or restaurant.

In order to play the role of a performer back in the day, everyone had to wear specific costumes, do their hair as well as make-up. Boys didn’t really need the make-up, but every girl really transformed into a lady, including myself. To make the girls hair super high and puffy, lots of hairspray and teasing was needed. The whole choir literally smelled like hairspray everywhere! The song I had to sing was Fever by Peggy Lee. So cat eyes, red lips, black gloves, pearls, and a tight black dress was perfect. During the performance I kept getting scared to trip over wires or other things because of my heels, but everything went fine. Overall, It was a very fun and enjoyable show to watch, especially seeing how people take on different roles on stage. The final product was absolutely stunning.









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