First District of Vienna & Stephansdom

Carriage ride:

It always amuses me when I think about the first time I drove a carriage in the city of Vienna, sitting next to a coach driver named Julius and driving the great and slow Cesar. There are many carriages lined up next to the Stephansdom as well as in front of The Spanish Riding School entrance, which offers a tour around the first district of Vienna for either 20, 40 or 60 minutes. There are two types of coach drivers/owners- 1, The owners who treat and care for their horses and 2, the ones who do the opposite. So it was a joy when we steeped into a carriage where the coach driver was type 1. The coach driver’s name was Julius and so of course one of the horses pulling the carriage had to be called Cesar. He told us about Vienna as all the coach driver’s do, but then our conversation shifted to the equestrian realm. He talked about his farm and I told him about the horses I ride back in Abu Dhabi and the level and style I ride. With that, he offered if I wanted to drive the carriage.. I have never driven a carriage before, but as he told me it was like riding I had to accept! So next thing I know, I’m sitting in the front calling “Cesar, Cesar, komm schon, komm schon, schneller” (translated to English is “Cesar, Cesar, come on, come one, faster). I got an a lot of glances and even a few pictures from tourists as we passed by with the carriage. We also got a few disapproval looks from other coach driver’s at which Julius just smiled. I mean I’m sure it was the first time they saw a young girl in a nice dress, and flats, or better said, a hopeless tourist sitting in the front seat next to the coach driver. It does seem out of place when you think about it. It definitely was one of the highlights for me. I also added a new point to my bucket list, ‘get my carriage riding license’. It can’t be that hard, I’m already halfway there. 



I wore a dress from COS. I wore it with a colorful necklace and ballerinas from Pretty Ballerinas. I also carried a bag from Toni and wore my sunglasses from Ralph Lauren. The dress was comfy and loose, meaning I could eat a lot. The ballerinas were comfy and believe me, there is nothing worse than wearing shoes that hurt (even if they look good) in a city that you walk in A lot! I wear my sunglasses everyday, as they are perfect. The bag too has the perfect size for all I need for a day in the city and it fits perfectly to an outfit with color or that needs some color. One of the best things to have is a comfy, simple, one colored dress as you can match and mix it up in so many ways. Be creative!


First District & Stephansdom:

Lets just say I’m the type of person the doesn’t have the most skillful orientation when it comes to new places. I am proud to say that after being completely lost and spending 40 minutes trying to figure out how the underground train works by myself, I now know every train stop in Vienna. Vienna is huge and has 23 districts or in German called Bezirke. The first district is in the center of all the districts and is the historic core of the city. I know my way around the area of the first district very well, as I love wondering endlessly around it’s busy streets and quieter alleys, sitting in coffee shops and watching people pass by. There are so many things to see, visit or pass by and I don’t even know where to start… Schwedenplatz area, Donaukanal, Kärntner Straße, Hofburg palace, The Spanish Riding School, the treasury, the Austrian National Library, Hotel Sacher, the Michaelerplatz, the Albertina, The National Opera, Kunsthistorisches (Art History) and Naturhistorisches (Natural History) are just a few of the main attraction. Of course last but not least there is the Stephansdom cathedral or as it’s commonly known in German as Stephansdom. It is in many ways my starting point or the point I always return to, to know where exactly I am or where I have to go. It’s the most important religious building in Vienna, and has been apart of much Habsburg and Austrian history.

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