Temperatures rising over 40 degrees, sweating buckets after being out for less than 5 minutes, and hiding in air-conditioned places…. it’s good to be back home in Abu Dhabi. So, while choosing what to wear outside, I thought what better way to describe the way I’m feeling inside and out than a T-Shirt with fire emoji’s?? 

For todays outfit post I am wearing a gold coloured Zara t-shirt with fire appliques, paired with simple jean shorts. This sort of outfit is something I would wear to go out to the beach or lunch, since anything tight and thick is literally impossible to wear in this heat. Maybe I could even wear this shirt to the Emoji movie premiere?! That’s one thing I love about these kind of graphic tees, they can be worn to any occasion! The bottom line, face the summer heat with some style and comfort! 

Love, Anastasia 


Keep on the lookout….. More “outfit of the day” posts coming soon to Niedsano! 


Top: Zara // Shorts: Old Navy


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