Final days in Ceriale

My final days in Ceriale were filled with shopping, tanning by the pool, swimming in the refreshing Ligurian sea, and eating till i could barely walk back to the hotel. Who can’t resist eating italian pizza and gelato? Everyday was packed with different activities, some i can’t do back in Abu Dhabi. Other than finally relaxing by the pool and getting my mind off school things, i got to explore the beautiful small cities in Liguria and shop at unique boutiques. I’m completely in love with Italy. It has amazing food and clothes, the two things i love most. Every evening, my family and i ate at restaurants with food i couldn’t stop eating! From fried sea food, al dente pasta, to mouthwatering Italian pizza, i’ve never eaten so much in my life (and my days in Italy aren’t over yet!). After dinner, my sister and i would walk along the sea side to grab an ice cream and gaze at the stars above us. My family and i visited a number of different cities too. The first time we went to Alassio, a city next to Ceriale, i wore a Miss Selfridge grey dress paired with a Chanel bag. The second time i wore a Moschino jacket, black platform shoes, and a plaid short skirt. Alassio has also an island that is shaped like a turtle from any side you view it from, named Isola Gallinara. Another thing i love about Italy is the atmosphere when you walk around the streets on the uneven pavement filled with musicians, art, and colourful houses. I could walk around the streets for ages and not be bored at all because at every street, there is always something new that surprises me. When in Italy, never forget to try Gelato and VIP (Very Italian Pizza)! Liguria was truly my paradise city. Next stop… my home town, Torino!








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