Fashion Forward Dubai: Day 2

The second day of Fashion Forward was packed with catwalk shows and presentations. We were going from one show to another, which was tiring but also very exciting because each show is so different from the previous one. Speed walking in heels is actually pretty hard! The weather on the other hand wasn’t too amazing. Surprisingly it started to rain in Dubai, which caused some problems. But bad weather doesn’t stop fashion and the show must go on!

The second day shows included Starch Foundations, Lama Jouni, Sotra, Soltana, and presentations by Mira Hayek, Army of 1, Daneh, and Bouguessa. Each of them were so unique and interesting. As for my outfit, I wore an off white classical costume from Kan and heels from Martino & Rodrigues. I really love this event because I get to see local designers showcase their work, listen to presentations by people who have worked in the industry for many years, and meet people who too love fashion like me. I got to listen and talk to some people from the London College of Fashion which was interesting and also listen to the amazing celebrity stylist, Anita Patrickson, share her secerts on styling and the fashion world. It was also funny seeing some bloggers in real life who I follow on Instagram and tell my sister  “Omg look over there, I know that girl! I follow her on Instgram!”. A perfect example of the affects of social media. At the end of the day, my sister and I didn’t know if we would be able to walk the next day. We couldn’t even stand properly while waiting in the taxi line! It’s good that I’m getting my experience of fashion week early so that I can prepare for bigger ones in the future! Sadly there is only one more day left and hopefully it’ll be a good ending to an amazing event.





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Starch Foundations

Starch Foundations had three designers showcase their lines: Lobnan Mahfouz, Bashar Assaf, and Salim Azzam. Lobnan Mahfouz’s brand, /Pər’vərs/ , was inspired by the melting pot of genders and ethnic backgrounds. I loved how the pieces were some that can be worn for a casual day or for a night out, especially the two piece crop top and pants. Bashar Assaf’s collection that had pieces for both men and woman was simple with it’s nude tones yet elegant. I especially loved the pink high waisted pants paired with a violet hoodie jacket.

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Mira Hayek

Mira’s contemporary collection was something I would wear on a daily basis. It had a mixture of dresses, skirts, and knitted cardigans. This collection also had a sporty edge to them in addition to different geometric shapes. Definitely would get every outfit from this collection!

IMG_8298 IMG_8317 IMG_8321 IMG_8327


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Army of 1

Army of 1’s collection reflected the modern style of the younger generation and added an edge to a normal everyday look. I loved the use of different fabrics and the on going camouflaged prints. The khaki color complemented the black color well and together was a good combination that added to that edgy look Army of 1 portrayed in their collection. Like they said themselves, “The way we dress can be our armor or our platform.”

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Lama Jouni

Lama Jouni, a graduate from Parsons Paris, had beautiful pieces for woman that can wear them and feel fierce and powerful. With uniquely cut dresses and leather vests, nothing can go wrong while wearing this collection. I loved most the last long bordeaux dress paired with a black belt. It’s something that shows power and elegance all at once.

IMG_8584 IMG_8619 IMG_8668 IMG_8729 IMG_8755 IMG_8761 IMG_8853 IMG_8866 IMG_8913 IMG_8932 IMG_8975 IMG_8995



This collection had interesting prints, use of different fabrics, and pieces that are ready for an everyday use. It’s a very laid back collection but has something captivating about it. I loved the collared blue dress that also had a belt and a skirt made from the same material. It was nice to see a repetition of fabrics but used in different pieces and an overall theme in the collection.

IMG_9039 IMG_9076 IMG_9091 IMG_9097 IMG_9119 IMG_9133 IMG_9176 IMG_9191 IMG_9232 IMG_9253 IMG_9269 IMG_9274 IMG_9285 IMG_9288 IMG_9293



Sotra’s collection overall was really beautiful and had some breathtaking pieces. Firstly, I loved the pastel colours that went from light pink to sea green. I also loved the use of the cape some of the pieces, kind of like showing off a modern and more stylish version of superwoman. The floral patterns and use of see through lace over solid colours was also very beautiful and added onto that elegant fairytale like aura.

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This collection showed luxury and beautiful Abaya’s, an important part of the culture in the region we live in. These elegant and sophisitcated designs show a fresh and new identity of the Abaya and how fashion isn’t only for a specific group.

IMG_9892 IMG_9904 IMG_9914



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