Fall in the Summer

Fall is a time for comfy sweaters, scarfs, thick stockings, boots, and warm drinks. Some countries around the world have already greeted fall, but in Abu Dhabi, it’s still Summer! People can still go to the beach to tan, walk around in summer clothes, and sip on cold drinks on a normal hot day. Sometimes I do miss having more than two seasons in a country. I miss cold breezes, drinking warm chocolate outside while it rains, and not sweating through the thick sweaters after 2 minutes outside. However, even if we don’t have fall, it doesn’t mean we can’t pair up some of our warm clothes with summer clothes.

For my outfit, i paired a velvet Topshop skirt with a long laced black sleeved blouse. To add a little touch of Fall, I paired the black blouse with long black leather boots that I got in Russia. The velvet skirt from Topshop is so comfy and can be matched with any kind of top, from a long collar shirt to a short crop top. It’s a must in someones closet. Try mix and matching two different kinds of materials or things from different seasons. You might surprise yourself with how good they look together! To add some variety to your outfit, pair it with a different coloured bag or put on some popping jewellery. Now the rule that your bag has to match your shoes can be broken, it actually makes your outfit more unique and original. If you’re looking for more of a casual look, pair your favourite sweater with leggings or jeans, boots and an accessory around your neck or hair. Look through your closet, combine different pieces, and have fun creating some unique outfits!




IMG_1803 IMG_1828 IMG_1830 IMG_1850

IMG_1832 IMG_1909

IMG_1860 IMG_1927

IMG_1868 IMG_1872

IMG_1899 IMG_1804

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Photos Taken By Amal Kabbani  

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