Fall Jackets

October is around the corner and summer is definitely over. This means we say goodbye to the tanned skin, light hair, sunburns, and hot summer nights spent outside. Fall, on the other, is coming. In some countries around the world, autumn is a season where people start wearing warm clothes because it is starting to get cold. In Abu Dhabi, autumn is still pretty warm but the temperature does decrease. People can still wear summer clothes like skirts or dresses, but in cold countries, jackets are essential during the fall season.  Whether if it’s a jeans jacket or a cotton blazer, you can still look stylish and stay warm at the same time. Just because it is getting cold, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and pretend the world is the runway. If you are looking for more of a causal chic look, try wearing a bright colored jacket paired with jeans or causal pants. This way, the focus will go on the jacket since the bottom part of the outfit isn’t as bright. Try mixing different kinds of clothing like a jeans jacket with cotton pants. Having a contrast of colors and different patterns can also pump up an outfit. For example, one could wear a solid colored jacket but have it paired with pants that have a crazy pattern or texture. Your style and sense of fashion is another way to show off your personality. Wear jackets that you love and create outfits that will start a new fashion trend!




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