Finally Niedsano in one snapshot. This was our first Niedsano photoshoot together, and with all the craziness it was finished… within two hours. For the outfits, we tried to have an overall theme. In this photo shoot, it was traditional African embellishments and khaki rompers. In general, Anna is a big fan of embellishments because they make an outfit unique, an the khaki coloured clothing coordinates well with the African style. Anastasia wore a belt that had a beaded pattern around and surrounded by large bell like buttons. Anna wore a down to earth romper from Zara but paired it with a jeans jacket, but no your everyday jeans jacket. Her jacket was embroidered by a friend, who used embellished the back, collar and the front section with beads, coins, as well as coloured fabrics. The shoes she wore were a mixture of plaid and leopard print with gold spikes. This photoshoot was a lot of fun, crazy but fun, and hopefully more photoshoots will come in our way!


Anna and Anastasia



DSC00755  DSC00999

DSC00780 DSC00813

DSC00868 DSC00790

DSC00879 DSC00788

DSC00881 DSC00995

DSC00996 DSC00916









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