Eletrico x Niedsano

This past weekend, I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with a talented photographer named Eletrico. This was one of my first collaborations so I was really excited to see how it would go. We shot around the corniche area, which is one of Abu Dhabi’s main roads next to the sea. I had such a fun time shooting and love the end results. It definitely won’t be my last collaboration! I wore my one of a kind Moschino dress, Mario Bruni boots, and a Louis Vuitton bag. It was a very hot day but that didn’t stop us. We shot some photos in one of the walkway tunnels and then moved on to shoot on the corniche. I hope you like the photos as much as we loved shooting them!

Eletrico has also made a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot which you can watch here

You can also follow Eletrico on his Instagram page for more photos here.




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IMG_2086 IMG_2084 IMG_2081 IMG_2100

IMG_2036 IMG_2016


















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