December with Niedsano

In Austria, late November to the end of the year has a very special meaning. The 3 main celebrations are Saint Nicholas, Christmas and New Years. When I was younger, my family and i used to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day in Abu Dhabi with a children’s party, where ‘Santa Klaus’ came with his golden book and ‘Krampus’ came with a broom stick. They told us what we did well, what we could do better that year, and finally gave out gifts. Visit Austria’s Christmas markets, try some Gluehwein and enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

You will want to watch this video to understand who Krampus is (Jimmy Fallon is life):

Then we have Christmas, where in Austria you decorate the tree and open the presents that day. Christmas is for family, eating A LOT, playing cards, making jokes, and laughing. Lastly we have New Years! During my New Years, I have never danced so much in my life and almost burned down the house from the fireworks.

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***Here are the pieces I have been obsessing with over this winter:

Plaid Skirt: Max&Co

Black Fur Hat: Flea Market

Black Boots: Vintage Milano

Coat: Diane von Furstenberg (buy it here)



My magical Christmas was spent, for the first time, in America. As I woke up early in the morning all thrilled to open presents, I looked out the window and immediately turned into a little kid that gets excited about seeing snow outside. There was around 10 inches of snow that fell just that morning. I quickly clothed myself up with warm clothes and decided to wake my sister up. Since I wanted to go out to build a snowman, I woke my sister up by singing the famous song from Frozen, with the opening phrase of “ Do you want to build a snowman?” She got mad but it was totally worth it. We played in the snow and made snow angels, even though we were freezing. Snow isn’t something we get to see everyday, and so we really went crazy when we did see snow. When everyone woke up, we all gathered around the huge tree and opened up presents. It was indeed a white Christmas that will never be forgotten. Whether your Christmas is spent with family, friends, co-workers, or people you don’t know, make it a moment that you will remember when you’re older and enjoy that moment until it lasts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!






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