December Inspirations

When i told my friends that my favourite month was December when i was younger, they used to tell me “when it’s sunny, God is smiling, when it rains, God it crying and when it snows, God has dandruff.” Though I was distraught with that for many years, they were never able to take away my love for December. Maybe it’s because I live in the middle east and in my mind ‘winter’ is only composed of the 3 weeks I spend in Europe, in the cold, but I love December and everything about it. Snow, skiing, drinking hot chocolate, smelling the fresh air of the alps, riding through the forest, visiting my grandma, sitting around the fireplace, late nights with friends, Christmas, Fireworks, New Year lists, presents, cozy jackets, not having to worry about how your legs look unshaved, the christmas market, sledging, and the warm Christmas punch as I hold it in my hands, ahhhh. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas! 3 more weeks Anna, hold tight you’re almost there. If you’re not a Christmasy type of person, then just remember my favourite winter quote of the year, “Some people are worth melting for” -Olaf

Here are some winter inspirations to get you captivated for my favourite month of the year!





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