Dania Khan Fashion Show

This past month I was given the privilege and honor of helping out at a Fashion Show, the Fashion Show of an amazing designer named Dania Khan. The experience was unbelievable. I initially was interested in the internship because it was something I wanted to do in my future. I was able to see all the work that is put into making a Fashion Show, the stress levels hours before the show, and the backstage chaos during the show. It takes so much work and dedication to organise such an event. I have so much respect for every designer and organiser. The collection itself was called “Mademoiselle”. Every outfit in the collection was breathtaking, I wanted to keep every dress for myself! My favourite piece was the wedding dress named “Olivia”. It was so well done and looked extraordinary, a dress I would wear to a wedding. Another dress I too loved was the long orange gown “Gigi”. Each outfit had such delicate details, details that made the piece look jaw-dropping. The gorgeous models presented the clothes beautifully and the show overall was a huge success. My friend and I got to speak with the models and got a few tips on working in the fashion world. We couldn’t keep our eyes off their beauty! It was such a pleasure working with the designer herself, and getting a little sneak peak of working in the fashion industry. Attending and helping out at my first Fashion Show was definitely a night to remember!




Make sure to check out the entire Mademoiselle Collection look book  and Dania Khan’s official website 











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