Collar Crazy!

The collar. You can wear it in so many ways. It is one of my favorite accessories, as it is so simple but still can make a big difference. You can wear it for a simple or formal occasion, maybe a elegant date or a family dinner. Most times, the collar gives off a classy look, but that doesn’t mean it can’t give off more of a sexy or chick appeal. You can see it best in action in the movie, Clueless. The main character Cher is not only hilarious, but dresses in an incomparably manner, making her collar outfit just another one of her successes. If you are ever wondering how to pull of a collar, I recommend you look at Alexa Chung. She totally kills the collar every time she wears it. One of my favorite outfits with a collar is Emma Watson’s outfit. Everything in the outfit matches perfectly! I love the Burberry coat, the simple dress and the collar adds the final perfect touch. I also love Tavi Gevinson’s outfit and think that the collar is unusual, eye-catching, and inspiring. There are so many different types of collars you can wear, as well as mix and match. Have fun with it and go crazy if your heart desires!

Your Truly, Anna


Tavi Gevinson (above)


Emma Watson (above)


Scene from the movie Clueless (above)









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