Bruges is one of the main cities in Belgium. Its a beautiful city filled with flowers, little boutiques, water canals, and horses. It’s know as the Venice of the North because it’s a canal based city. Other than boats, there are also horses everywhere. People can ride on a carriage and get a tour around the beautiful Bruges. When walking around the old city, my sister and i stopped at an old store that had old post cards, letters, posters, and stamps. The owner of the stores told us he goes around the world to different auctions to add things to his collection. There were even things from the 1800’s! I got some fashion drawings from 1943 and a couple of postcards from the late 1980’s. Sometimes i wish these kind of stores were also seen in Abu Dhabi. We also visited a church that displayed one of Michelangelo’s sculptures titled ” Madonna of Bruges.” For the day in Bruges, i wore my white platform shoes and my new Stradivarius dress. It was an incredibly hot day, nothing compared to Abu Dhabi weather, but wearing a dress was the right idea. However, the heat didn’t stop us from exploring the town and finding out it’s secrets.




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