Pairing an outfit with boots always brightens my day. When I wear boots, I feel as if I’m on a runway show due to the loud noise the boots make when I walk. It’s a type of clothing that lightens up my mood, and everyone should have that. Whether if it’s a shirt, scarf, or a piece of jewelry. Boots don’t only have to be worn during the winter. Pairing up boots with jeans and a shirt is a great casual look for school or a day out in the mall. Wearing short angle length boots with a skirt is also another way to spice up an outfit. On the other hand, if you’re looking for what to wear with a simple dress, the right boots can just be the perfect fit. Have fun exploring different kinds of outfits your boots would look good with and may they brighten your day like they do to mine.





Some outfit ideas paired with boots:

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