Black at Belvedere


In Vienna, a place you have to go visit is the Belvedere. The Belvedere is one of the most important Baroque buildings in Austria. In the last 2 weeks I was actually there twice: once with my camp and once with my family. It was built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy but now is a museum. The Belvedere has many works by Schiele, Kokoschka as well as Gustav Klimt’s legendary painting “The Kiss”, which is my favorite paining of all time. There is an Upper Belvedere which has the world’s largest Klimt collection and a Lower Belvedere. The garden is also breathtaking and makes the walk very enjoyable. The name Belvedere isn’t just random, it does have a meaning. The origin of the word comes from the Italian language. Bel means beautiful and vedere means to see. The whole building, garden and atmosphere is remarkable, but also from the Upper Belvedere you can enjoy an impressive view of Vienna’s first district.

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I am wearing a dress from Club Monaco, with sunglasses from Ralph Lauren and ballerinas from Salvatore Ferragamo. I love this dress and I think every girl should own a little black dress. My favorite color to wear when it comes to fashion is black. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with black, or lets just say it’s very hard too. I also bought a fan of “The Kiss” at the souvenir shop in the Lower Belvedere. Not only do I love “The Kiss” image on it, but it also fits perfectly with my black nails and outfit, and its actual supposed purpose of serving as a fan. The whole outfit that day seemed to fit perfectly and collide together in harmony.

Yours Truly,

Anna Niederlander

Belvedere Belvedere Garden Belvedere fountains


Belvedere Walk through the Lights Belvedere Garden


Belvedere Belvedere "The Kiss"

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