Bangkok day #2

Our second day in Bangkok was crazy busy. Im the morning my mother and I went to the Jim Thompson House, while we let my father and sister sleep in a little. The story behind Jim Thompson is so interesting. He was an American Businessman who first went to Thailand for military proposes but then fell in love with Thailand and decided to go back. He helped rebuild the Thai silk industry and made a fortune in that industry. In march of 1967, on one of his vacations he went for an afternoon stroll in the Highlands in Malaysia, never to return again. Sources say the final words he said before he left were, “Goodnight, sweethearts”. Searches for him went on for 7 years without success of any sort. Was he abducted, murdered, eaten by a tiger? Did he commit suicide or want a new identity? The theories are endless, and though he would be dead by now, his mystery lives on.

After that we went to the Bangkok temples, which were beautiful. To be honest I went all out photographer when I was there and did not catch to much of what the tour guide was telling us, but one of the things I did get was that they were all built in 3 years. 3 years! How is that even possible? Mayble it’s living in Abu Dhabi, as nothing ever gets finished on time and you can expect everything to take a long time to be completed, but it absolutely blew me away. We also went to the leaning buddha which was stunning and a famous market. In every travel guide it says that the temples are a highlight in Bangkok and I could not agree more. There are more then 30,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand alone.. crazy.

"just doing it" in Bangkok in a tuk-tuk temple photography

temple details from the temples temple

temple photography  all gold everything

leaning buddha market

DSC07888 details from the temples

details from the temples 

details from the temples details from the temples

Jim Thompson house Bangkok views


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