Bangkok Day #1

There are many things I love about living in the UAE and one of them is Eid break. My family and I (excluding my brother who is on the school trip to Nepal that I went to last year) are in Thailand for 7 days. This is my second time in Thailand, but this time I am going with my family, not my friends and we are going the capital, Bangkok and to Phuket, which I have never been to before.

The first day that we arrived in Bangkok we took it easy and when we arrived at the Lebua at State Tower we took a nap. Best thing about our hotel.. They have a pillow menu. Literally a menu where you can choose between the Memory Form Anti Snore pillow, Companion pillow for Side Sleeper pillow or the 7 other pillows on the menu list. How many times have your parents told you “Do not touch the mini fridge or else..”? Like many hotels, the Lebua have a mini fridge. but… it is all for free!!!  Also, the view is amazing, the food is great and service is top. It can’t get any better. 

First we walked over to Mandarin Oriental, where we reserved for dinner later that night and bought macaroons. Sometimes it’s good having a younger sister who is on a life quest to find the best macaroons in the world. After that we headed out into China Town and it was crowded, busy but a good experience. One thing I love about Bangkok are the Tuk-tuks! I absolutely love them and they are a must for every tourist. At night we went to a Thai restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental. The Mandarin Oriental has been around for a long time, since 1879 to be exact. It is famous for it’s writers lounge and the abundant authors who have stayed there. Many say that it’s the place to go to overcome writers block. In that case, if I were a writer I would always tell myself I have writers block.. Imagine: sitting in a the writers lounge, where many creative minds such as Noel Coward and Joseph Conrad have worked, indulging yourself in macaroons and writing your heart out.  

Yours, Anna 

parents restaurant  boat to restaurant

Mandarin Oriental writers lounge

macarons  choosing macarons

macarons macarons make me happy

detail shot

 hotel balconies

there are hundreds of temples in Bangkok alone on the way to china town


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