“Don’t talk about heaven if you’ve never been to Bali.” Toba Beta

I really needed to get away for a while and relax at the beach. When I told my dad this before the Spring break, he straight away told me we were going to go to Bali. I’ve only ever been to Bali once before for my aunts wedding, but that was when I was a baby. From the pictures, it looked amazing and I always wanted to go back.

#1 fact about Bali is that every sunset is beautiful. There is nothing better than laying by the beach, drinking a mojito, listening to the waves crash and watch the sun go down.

We stayed at the Intercontinental and the beach, pool, service, spa and ice cream, were all amazing. One thing to keep in mind about Bali is that their currency, the Indonesia Rupiah is very high. Like crazy high. 1 USD is 12,035 Indonesia Rupiah. Hint: For your mom to completely freak out, send her a picture of your check (if she has no clue what the currency difference is)…

A highlight of the trip was horse riding on the beach. It has always been on my bucket list and now I have finally crossed it off! We rode through endless rice fields, saw motorcycles with a few passengers too many rush past us, children racing on their bikes, and old people sitting on the sidewalks talking. We raced on black sand, as surfers sat on the beach or surfed in the ocean.

Of course being in Bali, a must is surfing. For us it was a first time, and it wasn’t very hard catching the small waves, but then as soon as the waves got larger it got a lot more difficult. I would love to continue surfing but I know that doing so in Abu Dhabi is difficult. So I guess I will have to go back to Bali (yay)

Bali is a place for everyone. Whether you are a group of young backpackers, a family or a couple just wanting to surf, Bali is the perfect place.

Yours Truly,

Anna Niederlander

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