Back To School

Summer has come to an end (cry). The beach, magazines, sleep have been replaced with smelly hallways, heavy textbooks and hours of studying causing bags under eyes. With a new school year starting, comes a fresh start.

Here are some back to school outfits that will create a first impression that will be exceeding all expectations. Living in one of the hottest countries in the world, of course our school has to have strict dress code: No leggings. Dresses, skirts and pants have to be knee length. No showing of the booty, cleavage, stomach or shoulders. But In respect of the couture here it is all very due-able. Most of the outfits here follow this dress code, but some are slightly ‘provocative/ inappropriate’ as our school would call it. But nothing like jean shorts or crop tops are displayed for I could never imagine going to school wearing that. They are strictly reserved for weekends, the beach, festivals and concerts. NOT classrooms. Another biggie for me is no heels in school (unless you are teacher). In between walking though crowded hallways, running to your next class, changing shoes for sport class, heals just do not fit. What all my outfits do have is dazzle, flare and spiffily.

Here’s to a good school year!




Rule #1 You can NEVER (well almost never) go wrong with blue skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt. The “MORE ISSUES THAN VOGUE” t-shirt is on the top of my wish list. It’s simple, and amusing. School without a watch is just calling for late, late, late, and detention. Ice watch is always a good watch. One coloured ballerinas! Easy to slip on and off, comfy, chick, prim and smart all at once. Yes, Yes, Yes! And what better colour then blue: The colour of the sky and the sea (Im already missing summer). The colour symbolising trust, wisdom, loyalty, intelligence, confidence, truth, faith and heaven. Heaven? Well maybe the new teacher will think you are a living angle and give you an A. You never know.. 

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This is the perfect outfit for a girl who is smart chick but has a little rebellion in her traditions. Plaid skirts, Plaid dress, Plaid pants, plaid shoes, plaid everything! My most resent fashion obsession is yes, plaid. #1 rule about Black nail polish: it always makes someones nails look better. Walk in wearing that and you will be smart and mutinous all at once.

But it on:                                                                                           





As Audrey Hepburn said “Elegance is the only beautify that never fades”. If you want to come into school smarter, classier and spruce this is the outfit. Elegant pure: Black, red and white. Ribbons, and roses. High socks and cute cardigans. And who said pants can’t be elegant!

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Gossip Girl is recruiting… I wish. This outfit will blend you right into the Gossip Girl atmosphere. and who hasn’t wished to be Blair or Serena for a day. This outfit is for someone living in a colder climates and if worn in Abu Dhabi “dying from drowning in your own sweet” is a possibility. High boots and plaid skirt is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. Who hasn’t wished to have a transparent umbrella. I would stare up at the rain and laugh that I wasn’t getting wet. If you want to live in the Gossip Girl world even if it is just in what you wear, this is the outfit to do so.

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Want to look smart and sexy at once. Leopard print pants and a nice simple blouse. Add a pair of ankle boots, some nice accessorise, a leather school bag and old school glasses. Perfect and ready to go! Printed pants add a flair or in this case a sexy touch and alway make everything more exiting. Those boots can be worn with so many things. A pair of flat ankle boots like those are definantly on my wish list. You can never go wrong with a plain white blouse, that is for sure. Leopards have dinned in the same rooms as kings and queens in myths, legends, art and literature. Who knows wearing this outfit might make you will feel like a queen. The queen of the school. Not the worst title. 🙂

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