Art within a Photograph

One of my dear friends came up to me with a very interesting project idea. She wanted me to be her model for a photography project she was doing that mixes art and photography together. I couldn’t say no, not because she’s my friend, but when talented people have such creative ideas, it’s an extraordinary thing to be able to be apart of their projects. I also have a passion for photography and art, so that’s a bonus! Talla Yahya, the artist, was inspired by pen and photography artist Alana Dee Hayens. She was very intrigued with Hayens’s idea of “mixing two mediums to generate a more surrealist and abstract overlay” which she too decided to emulate. With her talent, I knew the end result was going to be amazing, and indeed it was!




For those who don’t know Talla Yahya, here is an interview to get you to know the creator behind the photograph:

 What is your favourite part about art?

I would say my favourite part about art is the infinite possibilities of interpretations and understandings. It’s really amazing how two people can see artworks from two completely opposite lenses. There is really no right or wrong answer which is normally what we are directed towards in our lives.

What is your inspiration?

My “motivation” or really drive to do art derives more from the internal understandings rather than physical observations. Emotions, feelings, and beliefs are all more ideological and internal interpretations rather than seeing the outside world physically.

Why Art?

The literal meaning of art is an expression or skill done through creative human skills. The reality of it is that there is really no way to define art because its just something that’s different to everyones mind and perceptions. Personally I really loved making things and calling it my own when I was younger and it has grown into something larger today. For me, art is something I do with passion and love and that is why I am committing my time.

What is your future dream profession?

I would say that at this point I’m not really 100% sure with myself but I do have a couple fields I would like to see myself in such as; Interior Designing or just general Design work.

Advice for rising artists?

I still consider myself a rising artist today as I am currently just beginning to understand my style and thematic understandings. However, to anyone else in my same position or really in any place the general understanding about art is that when you really begin to understand yourself as an artist, it is the most satisfying feeling because it truly takes you to some dimension in your mind you never knew existed.






Photography by Talla Yahya 

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