Around the World in One Day

When I first heard about Global Village last year, I didn’t think it was going to be big nor that amazing, but when I finally went to visit, I realised how wrong I was. Global Village is one of the coolest and fun places in Dubai where you can shop, listen to good music, and eat foods from all over the world. It’s a village that has specific areas for many countries around the world where you can find things and foods from that country, including clothes and jewellery. The entrance of every country is modelled by architectures found in their homeland. For example, the entrance of India was the Taj Mahal, while the entrance of France was a mini tour Eiffel. It really reminded me of my trip to Las Vegas last year, that had miniature recreations of famous landmarks.

At Global Village, there is so much shopping to do. I really was surprised by the variety of things sold and how you can buy things from different countries, without having to take a plane and travel anywhere!  I found that China and Thailand had some of the best shoes, USA and Afghanistan had amazing jewellery, and Africa had really cool statues and handmade objects. To be honest, every country really had amazing things, some I wish I went back and got. If you’re planning on going to global village, I would advise you to bring some money to spend!

Other than shopping and visiting different countries, towards the end of Global Village, there’s this huge carnival. There are a bunch of different attractions, games, a Ferris wheel, roller coasters, haunted houses, and scary rides that all light up as the sun goes down. It’s truly a carnival you would find in movies. We went to the haunted house which wasn’t so haunted, but rather funny when some of the ladies screamed at the sounds and pop ups inside. The attractions are slightly costly, so I think it’s better to choose only a few you would want to go on.

In between the carnival and the countries, a huge stage is set up that has music as well as dance performances throughout the evening. When I went there with my friend, there was an acrobatics performance which was pretty cool. The food is also so good. You can eat any kind of cuisine you want! From shawarma, sushi, and pasta, to thai noodles, and crêpes. For my trip around the world, I wore a Zara dress, Sinéquanone cardigan, Mia Donna shoes, and a Michael Kors bag.

This place really surprised me and had me wanting to go back as soon as I left, definitely with plenty of more things on my wish list. I loved the friendly environment and how much I could get within a reasonable price range. Global Village is the place to go if you want to take a trip around the world in less than a day!





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